newest High Performance Arranger in the acclaimed Pa-Series of Professional Arrangers!

The Pa700 is a concept that combines a slim profile with a professional visual motif. The 2x25 Watt
amplifiers drive the 2 loudspeakers in a bass-reflex enclosure to generate a rich, full-bodied listening
experience. The main panel has been optimized to ensure that all controls are ergonomically positioned
and intuitively located to make every performance feel smooth and natural.

The Pa700 relies on KORG’s advanced EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-expanded) sound engine,
and comes complete with over 1,700 ready-to-play sounds. This realistic collection offers a vast
gathering of classic and contemporary keyboards, band and orchestral instruments, plus electronic and
acoustic instruments—from techno to folk. Included are two new multi-layer stereo grand piano (with
damper and body resonance), plus electric pianos from the acclaimed KORG SV-1 Stage Piano

The Pa700 delivers over 370 Styles, straight out of the box. Each one is a fully-realized musical
environment dedicated to creating a particular musical style. With so many to choose from, the Pa700
can provide instant access to a vast and robust range of musical genres. Each Style features 4 Fill Ins +
Break patterns, one for each variation. Using the new Auto Fill function they can be automatically
recalled as you move between the four variations. The Pa700 has 1,152 locations for you to save your
new Styles and settings.

In addition, each Style can be enhanced by using the four Pads. Each Pad can add a one-time or
repeating riff, a percussion part, an accent sound, or even a sound effect.