The breathtakingly detailed sound and dynamic feel of the G1 provides the pianist with every possible shade of musical expression. Based on decades of ground breaking piano sound technology from KORG, makers of the award-winning KRONOS, and a precisely engineered keyboard that responds perfectly from gentle pianissimo to powerful fortissimo, KORG have created a unique digital piano.

At the heart of the KORG G1 are 3 world-famous concert pianos, each with its own unique character: German, Austrian and Japanese. In addition to the three concert grand piano sounds, the G1 also offers electric piano sounds, organ, clavi, vibraphone, acoustic guitar, strings and more, giving you 32 richly expressive sounds. Three high-quality effects are also available: brilliance, reverb, and chorus
The G1 Air uses Korg’s real weighted hammer action (RH3) keyboard. The keys feel heavier in the lower register of the G1 Air and lighter in the higher register, which replicates the feeling of playing on the keyboard of an acoustic piano.  The G1 Air also provides key touch control, which lets players determine just how much their dynamics will affect the keyboard’s sound output. Players can choose between light, normal, heavy, stable, and fixed key sensitivity.

In order to achieve a sound that is as close as possible to that of an acoustic instrument, the three main pianos in the G1 analyze performances dynamics to seamlessly select between different sets of piano samples. That is damper and string resonance and key-off simulation. Damper resonance effect that is produced by the sympathetic resonance of the strings in an acoustic piano when the damper pedal is held down.  String Resonance is an essential characteristic of the overall sound of an acoustic piano. On an acoustic piano, strings will resonate in sympathy as notes of corresponding pitches are played when the damper is lifted. Key-off simulation recreates the sounds that are produced when the player’s fingers lift off the keys.

This digital piano includes a full complement of the three pedals that are found on an acoustic piano, the damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals. The damper and soft pedals are built with half-pedaling capabilities, which allows for a level of expression that is pretty close to that of an acoustic piano.  

The Korg G1 Air has a built-in two track recorder. The inclusion of this recorder makes it possible for players to record practice sessions or song ideas directly onto their digital piano. The G1 Air lets players store up to 99 songs.
Connect a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone to the G1 Air and enjoy playing the piano along with your stored music or other audio. When you’re not playing the piano, you can use the G1 Air as a powerful Bluetooth speaker system. The newly designed speaker system recreates the incredibly realistic sound of the G1 Air’s acoustic pianos and other instrument voices. With a total of 80 watts of output power through four speakers, the amplifier section delivers rich bass and brilliant highs so you can experience the expressive power of a grand piano in your own home.